Diabetes Health Care

Tips on caring for and maintaining health for diabetics
Currently Diabetes Mellitus Center has been a focal point of attention in the world of medicine. This is due to a disease that is characterized by the increase in blood glucose levels, most of the complications of the disease and the number of affected has steadily increased every year. Diabetes mellitus is in fact mostly suffered by adults and they have aged. As for the main cause of the disease is a common disease are overweight or obese, never exercise and diet do not hold well.
Diabetes Health Care
Although it contains diabetes a disease that is dangerous if sugar levels in the blood can be controlled by switching to a healthier lifestyle. Then the patients who suffer this disease will be able to stay healthy, productive life with a good quality of life.

Medical term more use subtitles that can be controlled diabetes, not cured. This is because if the patient stops exercising and runs an arbitrary pattern of life, or does not consume drug control blood glucose levels in his blood sugar level then it gets back on.

The importance of health care for people with diabetes
For this reason, essentially the purpose of health care in diabetics does not cure. But more to reduce the impact of complications that may occur. Complications arising from diabetes not only will be able to sever the disease, but this condition will be able to increase the expenditure for medical treatment and course of this disease and make the quality of life of patients will be lower.

The hardest challenge in treating diabetes in patients is the patient’s long-standing and necessary discipline. In general, there are five pillars of diabetes control are important to note.

  • Pillars of Diabetes control
  • Restaurant setting
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Treatment

The measurement of blood glucose Independent
This condition will be considered under control if the daily sugar levels in the blood were normal without hypoglycemia.

So health care is usually not just focus, of which a doctor is done. The reason for this is basically self-contained treatment to do important things. Well, below are some tips on caring and maintaining health in diabetics.

Tips on caring for and maintaining health for diabetics

Experts say that diabetics must always try to keep the sugar levels in the blood, approaching the blood sugar level in non-diabetics. This may sound impossible for those affected by diabetes. However, denied or not this is the only way that it is important to maintain the state of its health. First, consult with your doctor on how should your blood sugar.

Consume a healthy diet

Diabetics do not need special food, let alone fancy food with taste that is delicious and special. All good food menu for diabetics is the type of food that has the same effect, as good as a non-diabetic. For that, try to sort your food for consumption such as food low in fat, salt, low sugar, but high in fiber. As for the type of food that are good for eating foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.

Regular training
Regular exercise is a good thing done by diabetics. Hiking, swimming, dancing, cycling and other sports is an important thing to do. You can even work at the moment at home, such as home cleaning or gardening at the time. The most important thing is the movements that will make you more active.

Do not miss the drug use
Insulin and diabetes pills and injection (BYETTA, Symlin or Victoza) is a type of medicine that is usually given to lower blood glucose levels in the body.

Check the blood glucose level every day
The last step that is important to do is you need to know how well and control the diabetes condition exists. The best way to find out is to test the sugar levels in the blood. If your blood contains too little or too much sugar in it then the doctor will usually recommend changes to menu healthy foods that you consume during that time. Not only that, the doctor will also recommend you to do Olahrata and re-examine the medications you consume. So, do not hesitate to go to the doctor and check your health condition regularly, allowing the doctor to monitor the condition of your health as well.
more article life insurance for diabetes type 1

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How to Fight Dry, Eyes This Winter

“Generally, the humidity falls at winter together with the colder weather weather [and] a lot of men and women switch on the warmth inside their houses or offices to combat the cold,” explained Dr. Marissa Locy, who is with the University of Alabama in Birmingham’s section of ophthalmology.

How to Fight Dry, Eyes This Winter

“Everything you get having is leaner humidity out, and lower humidity indoors — making warm, humid conditions where moisture could vanish from the attention faster than ordinary,” she clarified in a university news release.

That may leave your eyes feeling dry, straightened, bloated and stuck.

How to proceed?

Locy indicates several Measures to protect your eyes away from getting contaminated:

Work with a loofah to help restore moisture into the air and moisture into your own eyes.

Drink a lot of fluids to help keep the body hydrated and maintain moisture on mind.

Shield your eyes out of extreme cold and end. That could contain eye protection along with even a hat with a visor.

Do not let heat blow directly on that person. Doing this can run dry moisture on your own eyes. Turn your automobile vents toward your body to steer clear of this issue.

During cold temperatures, your own eyes may dry up a lot more if you wear contacts. Therefore, Locy said, make sure to always wear fresh contacts to lessen itching and potential illness.

Dry eye can occasionally advance to dry eye disorder. Watch your health care provider if you should be concerned.

Dry eye can’t be treated, Locy said, but symptoms may be alleviated by using eyedrops, creams or drugs, or simply by hammering some tear ducts to impede down the drainage of tears out of the eye surface.

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Model Health Belief

The Health Belief Model (HBM) is just a psychological version that tries to explain and predict health behaviours. This is achieved by emphasizing the attitudes and beliefs of most individuals. The HBM was first made in the 1950s by social psychologists Hochbaum, Rosenstock and also Kegels working from the U.S. Public Health Services. The version was created in reaction to this collapse of a free tuberculosis (TB) health screening program. Since that time, the HBM was accommodated to explore a variety of long- and – short term health behaviors, including sexual risk behaviors as well as also the transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Model Health Belief

Core Assumptions and Statements

The HBM relies on the understanding that a Individual will take a health-related action (i.e., use condoms) if this individual:

Believes that a adverse health condition (i.e., HIV) can be avoided,

comes with a positive anticipation that by carrying a advocated action, he can avoid a detrimental health illness (i.e., using stimulants will probably soon be effective in preventing HIV), and

considers he can successfully have a advocated health action (i.e., he/she could use condoms comfortably and with confidence).

The HBM has been spelled out in terms of four constructs symbolizing the perceived hazard and net benefits: perceived susceptibility, perceived severity,  perceived benefits, and sensed barriers. These notions were suggested as bookkeeping for people’s “willingness to do something.” An extra concept, cues to act, would trigger that readiness and excite overt behaviour. A new addition to the HBM is the idea of selfefficacy, or a person’s confidence in the capacity to successfully carry out an action. This concept was added by Rosenstock yet others in 1988 to help the HBM better fit the challenges of changing habitual sexual behaviors, such as being transient, smoking, or overeating.

Scope and Application

The Health Belief Model has been applied to a broad array of health behaviors and field populations. Three broad subjects can be identified (Conner & Norman, 1996): 1)) Preventive health behaviors, including health-promoting (e.g. diet, exercise) and also health-risk (e.g. smoking) behaviours as well as vaccination and contraceptive clinics. Two) Sick job behaviors, which refer to compliance with recommended medical regimens, usually after professional identification of disease. 3) Clinic usage, including physician visits for a variety of factors.

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diet health

Can Diabetics Eat Oatmeal

Handling of diabetes mellitus is not merely done by consuming some medicines that herbal medicine or hospital medicine. Another thing that is also important and indeed needs to be done by anyone who suffers from this disease is to regulate the daily diet in connection with the high blood sugar levels of the patient and also some physical symptoms that he experienced. Setting a diabetic diet can be done by choosing some of the recommended foods and also really avoid some foods that will actually make his health worse than now.
Can Diabetics Eat Oatmeal
Of the many foods that are recommended enough to be consumed by people with diabetes, oatmeal is one that is highly recommended and even mandatory to be included in the diet of diabetics in every day. Oatmeal is a carbohydrate that contains a substance called glycemic index. When compared with other carbohydrates, the index glycemic levels present in oatmeal are much lower. Of course, this is a good thing because then the increase in blood sugar levels that occur due to the intake of food consumed every day will occur more slowly.

Effects arising from the slow increase in blood sugar levels is a decrease in frequent hunger that is actually one of the signs experienced by almost all people with diabetes mellitus. In the present time, oatmeal is a very easy to find food. However, there are many types of oatmeal available on the market today as well as instant oatmeal that comes with sugar in it. Of course, this kind of oatmeal is better not chosen by diabetics because of the sugar content in it.

It would be better if oatmeal is not equipped with any additional selected. Oatmeal of this kind usually should be brewed or cooked briefly before it is consumed. The use of oatmeal as part of the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, 1, and also 3 is certainly one thing you should try if you actually also suffer from the same disease.

Oatmeal consumption in the morning has long been run by citizens of the United States. The average population keeps oatmeal in the cupboard to serve as a breakfast menu. They also often present oatmeal with fresh fruits.

Another benefit of oatmeal consumption is also evidenced by a new study showing that eating oatmeal can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. No wonder if foods containing soluble fiber is recommended for consumption for diabetics because it helps control blood glucose levels.

Oatmeal contains a number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also rich in protein and a source of complex carbohydrates. Also containing fiber that can effectively reduce the risk of getting cancer.

For more information about Diabetics Eat Oatmeal please visit

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Purpose Of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks: Think of your feet
Diabetes favors the development of foot injuries. Effective prevention measures include wearing diabetic socks. What makes the special socks, learn here.

Purpose Of Diabetic Socks

Why are there special socks for diabetics?
Diabetic foot is a widespread complication of diabetes mellitus. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics may be affected. The complaints are due to damaged nerves and blood vessels, which can be caused by high blood sugar levels. As a result, injuries that are not noticed and treated in time will only heal or even worse. To prevent this in advance, it is advisable to take various measures. In addition to the most accurate possible adjustment of blood sugar levels, you should also take further preventive measures. These include:

  • The daily inspection and care of the feet.
  • The early treatment of wounds and bruises.
  • Wearing suitable footwear and diabetic socks.

Mark of diabetic socks
Socks for diabetics are designed to prevent the formation of wounds and to help prevent the healing process of existing injuries or prevent them from becoming worse or recurring. Special features of diabetic socks include:

  • Seamless processing: The toe of the socks is seam-free and ensures a pressure-free fit in the toe area – an effective preventive measure against pressure points on the toes.
  • Accurate fit: Avena socks are knitted in a foot shape for a perfect fit. The wrinkle-free fit prevents excess material from forming wrinkles that can sometimes cause pressure sores in conventional socks.
  • Comfort cuffs: The cuffs of the socks are particularly wide and worked without rubber. In this way, the pressure on the lower leg is reduced and ensures the circulation of the feet.
  • Breathable basic materials: Natural materials such as cotton are breathable and skin-friendly. They offer a high level of comfort and support a well-balanced foot climate.
  • Reinforcements of vulnerable foot areas: Padding on the heel, sole, and toe relieves the stress areas and thus prevents the formation of pressure points. They are especially recommended for sports activities.
  • Silver-containing special yarns: Socks for diabetics are made from silver-containing special yarn. For this reason, they are popularly referred to as “silver stockings”. The precious metal is responsible for some of the properties of socks, which are particularly important in diabetics.

Mode of action of silver containing diabetic socks
The incorporated silver gives the socks properties that are indispensable in the increased risk of infection of diabetics. You are:

  • antibacterial
  • infection retardant
  • antifungal
  • odor resistant
  • washable

As the skin gives off moisture, an exchange between the silver fibers and the skin is triggered when wearing the socks. This active exchange of silver is based on the antibacterial properties of socks. So protect the socks in existing wounds from bacterial infections and fungal infections. The antibacterial effect also influences odor-causing bacteria. In this way, diabetic socks prevent not only infections, but also the development of unpleasant odors.

Production of silver stockings
When producing the special yarn, combed cotton is mixed with silver fibers and then dyed. The cotton content is on the outside of the yarn and the silver content on the inside. This ensures direct contact with the skin surface. Visually, the silver fibers are barely perceptible. The socks for diabetics are not different from conventional models from the outside. The care is just as uncomplicated as with other socks. As a rule, you can clean them at up to 40 ° C in the gentle cycle.

Buy Avena diabetic socks
At Avena, you can buy knee socks and socks for diabetics. Both variants are available in different colors. So you can visually match the socks to your clothes. For acute complaints models in light colors such as beige are recommended. These have a decisive advantage: injuries to the soles of the feet, which can easily go unnoticed, are clearly visible due to the bright color. In addition to special socks for diabetics, the range also includes other socks and stockings. Comfortable stockings ensure a particularly high wearing comfort. Support stockings favor the blood backflow to the heart by a slight compression effect and so relieve the veins.

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How To Help Dogs Dry Skin

How To Help Dogs Dry Skin. The dog needs to be transported into the vet promptly. Truly, dogs have shown the capability to digest carbohydrate-based foods. From time to time, these puppies must be forcibly kept down and controlled, which makes the very last minutes less calm than predicted. Though a great deal of purebred dogs may suffer from their health, Havanese puppies are normally a hardy breed.

From time to time, your pet may not have the ability to drink sufficient water to repair the scenario. It can become your pet is affected by flea bite dermatitis. To start with, this puppy doesn’t drop so it is deemed sterile, which is great for anyone who’s allergic to dogs. Elderly dogs might overlook some basic commands they have known all their lives. Some dogs may forget the main reason they’re shipped out. Dogs in the beach also has to be allowed to break at regular intervals in order to prevent additional fluid loss and more than heating.

How To Help Dogs Dry Skin

Dogs have a very short digestive tract together with a somewhat acidic gut. If your dog consumed at least one of them in a significant amount or have some of those symptoms, a trip to the vet is vital. Most dogs will have more than just 1 allergy. Keep reading for extra info on what to expect and also the best way to allow a newly-spayed dog following operation! 1 kind of dog that’s generally a safe option for the vast majority of households is your Havanese puppy breed. In acute cases, mommy dog may become septic fast, necessitating hospitalization. If mom dog is not hungry in an afternoon of sending the preceding puppy, this may be a problem.

How To Help Dogs Dry Skin Review

The easiest thing to think about is washing. There are a range of doggie tooth brushes available in the local petstore. You may discover we’ve got a whole lot more sprays for dogs than cats, so ask a store helper that will aid you in finding the ideal product if you’re not able to find it yourself.

The health of Havanese puppies is another reason to consider buying such a little dog breed. It is important not to forget that if incorporating foods, it’s a really good idea to always seek guidance from your vet initially and include foods in small quantities to watch for any allergic reactions which might arise. Industrial dog food is not all bad, but it is a really good idea to change your pet’s diet to provide them with nourishment for a far healthier lifestyle. Just as it’s a prescription diet does not imply it is not created with poor premium quality ingredients which could lead to other medical issues. Nowadays, you will find prescription remedies meant to prevent stone formation. Blood loss and nausea may cause intense cases of flea infestation.

Typically, it’s an specific regular surgery with exceptional outcome. You ought to understand that although your therapy has started, it is still not very likely to be the finish of the itching. Signs and symptoms are not as pronounced as if the disease results from germs. Learn how to make a decision as to what’s causing the allergy and also what you ought to do to fix it.

Do You Know How To Help Dogs Dry Skin?

The very first step in handling hot spots would be to determine the motive and treat so. Additionally, it offers you a chance to cut their claws. It may take some time to adjust. It took some time to acquire any evidence since these pests spend the vast majority of their time under the skin, but we finally got blessed. The back, aside from the minor increase, should be straight without a little arch at the middle.

If you are employing the merchandise following a bath, make sure your pet is completely dry. If you are using some cheap over-the-counter merchandise possibly it will not be powerful as other prescription remedies. There are lots of varied products available to look after a pet coat. Other people utilize a moist procedure to extract petroleum. It isn’t an arduous process, but it is very important to regularly brush trim, and wash the jacket of this long-hair. So your pet’s digestive system is completely equipped to manage raw foods also.

The matter may be challenging and quite troublesome for the effortless truth the wound is not given an opportunity to cure. In reference to these sorts of problems, the inherent cause will require addressed. Really, every other skin problem which contributes to broken skin has to be treated carefully to prevent secondary infections.

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Why is Losing Weight So Tough

Why is Losing Weight So Tough, If you have been on the eating regimen treadmill then you definitely recognize how tough it’s far to lose weight. We all want to appearance wonderful and we all need to have that body that we recognize be happy with, but why is it that so few human beings ever get there. Why is it so hard and why can’t we get on a food plan and lose the burden?
that the biggest motive why we can’t lose weight without difficulty is in reality because of behavior. Habits have a larger manage our behaviors than most people care to trust. In motivational books, the tale of the elephant is often used to provide an explanation for the power of conduct.
When a baby elephant is added into captivity it needs to be tied down with robust chains. It will attempt to break unfastened from the chain. As time is going by means of, the elephant will get used to the constraint till the time comes whilst he would not even attempt to get away any greater. Even when the chain gets replaces by using a thread, the elephant can be held down.
Why is Losing Weight So Tough
Losing weight is very like this. A lifetime of eating styles and beliefs approximately meals can tie us down like that. It can exert so much strength and control over us that we can not spoil unfastened. Even though it’s a susceptible thread keeping us in our antique habits, we can not seem to break free.
Losing weight may be very lots approximately breaking behavior and breaking loose from all those old ideas about meals, fitness and our bodies that continues us from making the alternate and losing the weight. In the stop, weight reduction is not that tough. Eat and get a few exercising. That’s the whole mystery. The mission is not in understanding what to do, but rather in doing what you understand and this is where converting behavior are available in.
You will want to make a few modifications due to the fact your present-day behaviors is what got you to be obese. Keeping with your modern-day behavior will only get you extra for what you do not need. That’s why you need to trade the habit first. When you exchange the addiction, you exchange that automated behavior and while you convert the automated behavior 99% of the battle is won.
Using self-control and looking your moves will never come up with long-time effects. This is what most diets encourage. It may fit for some time, but in the end, the habit will take over. So, paintings on your behavior and paintings and on that internal dating you have approximately meals, your frame, and your fitness. As you exchange this dating you will start to see things in a new mild. When you recognize that it is not a series it’s tying you down, but a flimsy thread, you can break it and break with the dependency.
To learn greater about weight loss and a way to lose ten kilos make sure you visit my weblog or for a few extra extreme answers visit lose 20 pounds blog.
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Life, Death, and Cholesterol High Foods

Finding the Best Cholesterol High Foods

If you’re worried about your cholesterol, speak to your GP. Just don’t forget that cholesterol is a crucial substance all of us need but it’s important to eat cholesterol high foods in moderation and prevent those foods which are in high saturated fats and Transfats to prevent the probability of coronary disease. High cholesterol is particularly dangerous when HDL cholesterol levels are excessively low and LDL cholesterol levels are excessively significant. You will probably have high cholesterol if members of your family have it, if you’re overweight or when you eat plenty of fatty foods.

Reducing cholesterol is extremely important. Overall cholesterol denotes the quantity of cholesterol in the bloodstream at any particular time. It is defined as the sum of HDL, LDL, and VLDL.

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Cholesterol High Foods

As soon as your cholesterol has reduced, you’ll must maintain the great work and stick with your new eating program. It may be surprising to be aware that the body makes all of the cholesterol we need. It isn’t coming straight from the cholesterol that you consume. Although dietary cholesterol isn’t an important nutrient for the majority of people, the foods richest in cholesterol have unique nutrient profiles which make them critical constituents of a nutrient-dense diet.

Using Cholesterol High Foods

You might have heard of unique varieties of cholesterol, dependent on what kind of cholesterol the lipoprotein carries. High cholesterol may also be genetic in many circumstances. It is possible to call them foods that cause high cholesterol, or higher cholesterol foods, but in fact it’s not the cholesterol content which makes them harmful.

Cholesterol finds its way to our bodies in two principal ways. It is essential to life. It is recycled in the body. If not treated, higher cholesterol can cause considerable troubles and even death. It is also called hypercholesterolemia. It has no symptoms. If you’ve got high cholesterol, you need to talk to your GP about how you’re able to lower it.

In order to earn an informed and efficient choice in diet its important to comprehend where cholesterol comes from and how it’s absorbed within the body. It is an essential fat that provides stability in every cell of the body. High cholesterol is quite simple to diagnose with a blood test known as a lipid panel.

Life, Death and Cholesterol High Foods

Foods fortified with plant stanols or sterols now are easy to get in the chiller cabinet of the majority of stores. You might have read or heard about avoiding foods that are naturally full of cholesterol. It’s not essential to eliminate all foods that have a lot of cholesterol. Low or absolutely free cholesterol foods are primarily vegetables and fruits.

The 30-Second Trick for Cholesterol High Foods

Write down the quantity of grams of fat in every food you list. You want the servings of these foods daily. Other foods can enhance your ALA intake. Distinct foods lower cholesterol in a variety of ways.

Reducing cholesterol levels is vital for improved health. Your cholesterol levels have a tendency to rise as you become older. Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood can boost your chance of cardiovascular disease.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Cholesterol High Foods

Cholesterol levels might be different if you previously have other conditions like diabetes. Thus, lots of people don’t know their cholesterol levels are excessively large. An assortment of things can influence cholesterol levels. Raising cholesterol levels isn’t necessarily a terrible thing either.

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Why Do Diabetics Lose Their Legs?

You have had issues along with your foot for years. Your physician now tells you that the foot needs to be amputated. How did this show up?Do you need to go through with the surgical treatment?What will take place in case you keep your foot?
Diabetes is a devastating sickness. It can be controlled, and many the complications of diabetes are preventable. This takes lots dedication of the affected person and a team of medical doctors. Discovering you have diabetes and making lifestyles changes to save you existence threatening hardship of the sickness could be very hard. Thus, many people still run into issues related to diabetes. Foot problems are amongst one the greatest, not unusual complications. 70% of all limb amputations are because of diabetes!
Diabetics Lose Their
There are many reasons diabetics have foot problems but let’s talk approximately the three huge reasons. When the nerves are uncovered to excessive stages of glucose or excessive blood sugars, they’re broken. Thus, many diabetics suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a disease in which they lose shielding sensation within the ft. This may be very risky. I even have had patients who had glass, needles, tacks and other items stuck in their foot and that they by no means consider the way it befell. I have also had sufferers burn themselves inside the tub. Their ft can no longer understand temperature and they could effortlessly burn or freeze their ft!
Diabetics additionally suffer from a bad flow. Blood carries many nutrients and oxygen this is vital to preserve tissues healthy. Poor blood supply makes it tough for damaged tissues to heal. When an affected person has a wound or ulcer at the foot, their terrible blood supply makes it’s so hard for the vicinity to heal. Diabetics actually have a compromised immune device. The frame is weakened in its protection mechanism to fight off infections. Infections kill right tissues and leave lifeless necrotic tissue at the back of. Infections can spread very fast from soft tissue to bone and joints and even into the blood deliver. Infections can be life-threatening.
When the chance of infection is too intense and might now not be controlled via antibiotics, the doctor may propose an amputation. To remove all or as a lot useless tissue as possible facilitates save you the infection spreading to different areas of the body. A health practitioner may also endorse amputation if the foot has emerged as non-practical.
The concept of dropping a part of your frame is a completely hard idea to address. It isn’t unusual for the medical doctor to indicate remedy to help the patient address method of surgical procedure and rehabilitation. It is vital to observe that amputations are part of medical plan to hold you as healthy as workable. It is important to talk about your fears and worries with your health practitioner and to are seeking second evaluations if you do not sense comfy with your health practitioner’s recommendation. It is your leg and needs to be completely conscious of the danger and results of keeping and amputating portions of your limb.
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cancer health

How To Cure Liver Disease (Hepatitis)

Learning how to cure liver disease / hepatitis is very important, but we have to know what liver disease is first. There are two types of liver inflammation: the acute and the chronic. Of a chronic hepatitis, man speaks when the inflammation lasts for more than six months. The most common causes of liver inflammation are viruses, especially the hepatitis A, B and C. However, liver fatting, often in combination with a metabolic disease such as diabetes mellitus, is also the trigger of the disease. In addition, toxins such as alcohol and medicines and – in rare cases – autoimmune diseases can contaminate the liver in such a way as to ignite.

More than one million people in Germany have a chronically inflamed liver. But only the fewest suspects of their illness. For the trickery of all inflammations of the liver is that the diseased organ still suffers. An inflamed liver does not hurt, and for a long time only produces unspecific symptoms such as fatigue, itching or a feeling of pressure in the upper abdomen. Symptoms such as yellowing of the skin and eyes (icterus), severe pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting and great fatigue. Only a fraction of the persons concerned therefore seek a doctor. “This is fatal because the consequences of undetected liver infections can be dramatic,” says Prof. Dr. Michael P. Manns, Chairman of the Board of the German Liver Foundation.

Thus the acute hepatic inflammation can heal without a trace, but also lead to an acute liver failure or a chronic course. In this case, the risk of further severe sequelae such as liver cirrhosis or liver cancer also increases. However, many liver infections can be treated well if they are detected at an early stage. Especially important is an early diagnosis.

How To Cure Liver Disease

Liver cirrhosis (shrinkage)

In cirrhosis of the liver, the elastic liver tissue hardens more and more. Healthy liver cells die and are replaced by scarred, hard connective tissue. The liver shrinks, hence the name “shrink”. At the same time, they can no longer perform their metabolic and detoxification functions properly. The process can not be reversed, it can only be stopped. An untreated liver cirrhosis leads to liver failure.

Common complications of liver cirrhosis are internal bleeding from varicose veins (esophageal varices), water accumulation in the tissue, mostly in the abdomen (ascites) and impairment of the brain functions (hepatic encephalopathy).
In more than half of all cases, an excessive consumption of alcohol is the cause of liver cirrhosis, just under a third of the diseases are due to an infection with hepatitis viruses.

fatty liver

It is the task of a healthy liver to remove harmful substances such as medicines or to store fats and, if necessary, to provide them again for the body. But when the liver is used to process more toxins or absorb more fats than it can break down or store, additional fat deposits in the tissue. A fatty liver is produced. Too much alcohol also leaves its traces: the liver also converts it to fat.

Excessive alcohol consumption, overweight, metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus and the taking of medications are also the most common causes of a fatty liver. It is a mass phenomenon in Germany. More than a third of adults over 40 hat a differently pronounced fatty liver. A health risk that is strongly underestimated. For the fatty liver can ignite – and thus also the danger of secondary diseases like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

But where it does not have to come. A fatty liver, also a fatty liver inflammation, can re-form. The prerequisite is that those affected change their way of life – and this depends on the cause of the fatty liver – a cautious! – weight reduction, a diet change, more exercise and a renouncement of alcohol. Drastic starvation is not recommended: you can still have the inflammation and the great danger of an acute liver failure. Effective drugs against the development of a fatty liver and against a fatty liver inflammation are not yet available.

liver cancer

Primary liver cancer is distinguished from malignant tumors in the liver itself (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC) and malignant cancers in the bile ducts (cholangio-cellular carcinoma, CCC). Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) occurs more frequently and is therefore often used as a synonym for liver cancer. In addition there are secondary liver cancer diseases: This is referred to as when metastases of tumors occur in the liver, the heart of which is found in other body organs.

The rate of liver cancer disease is increasing worldwide. In Germany, deaths from liver cancer have more than doubled since the 1970s. The tumor is particularly tricky because it is often diagnosed too late. Usually only at the advanced stage causes liver cancer complaints such as gelbeucht, nausea, weight loss and pain in the Oberbauch. Early detection is therefore particularly important. The faster the tumor is discovered, the better the healing chances.

The data from almost 400 patients who were treated at the Hannover Medical School between 1998 and 2003 reveal the causes of the development of liver cancer. In more than half of the cases, the tumor developed as a result of an infection with the hepatitis B virus or C. In about 40 percent of the cases, alcohol or overweight were the cause of liver cancer. In less than ten percent of the cases, there were other causes.

Autoimmune liver disease

Autoimmune liver diseases are caused by a faulty control of the immune system: the own body attacks cells of liver or bile ducts. This group of rare liver diseases include autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). The causes of autoimmune liver diseases are still largely unexplained.

Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic inflammation of the liver cells that can occur at any age. Women are much more affected than men. AIH, like the other liver infections, usually causes no or unspecific symptoms such as fatigue, nonspecific abdominal pain or itching. Frequently, only in routine examinations do elevated liver values occur which give rise to further examinations.

The primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a chronic inflammation of the small bile ducts in the liver, which in the advanced stage can overlap the entire liver. Although the name suggests, all patients do not necessarily develop cirrhosis because the PBC can be diagnosed and treated in the early stages. The PBC affects 90% women.

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is also a chronic inflammation of the bile ducts. In this disease the bile-ducts are gradually constricted by connective tissue growing around them. The majority of men are affected by PSC. Often, the disordered disease is associated with a chronic inflammatory disease. Untreated, the PSC can pass into liver cirrhosis. The risk of developing bile duct carcinoma is also increased in patients with PSC.

Iron storage (hemochromatosis)

Iron storage is one of the most common hereditary diseases. The body extracts from the food more iron than it can and stores the iron mainly in the liver, in the pancreas and in the heart. Untreated causes the disease in the liver only a connective tissue multiplication (fibrosis) and later a liver cirrhosis, often also a liver carcinoma.
There is a very simple therapy: blood vessels bring the iron values back into the normal range; however, it is indispensable that this therapy be performed at an early stage before the development of these clinical complications.


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