Purpose Of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks: Think of your feet
Diabetes favors the development of foot injuries. Effective prevention measures include wearing diabetic socks. What makes the special socks, learn here.

Purpose Of Diabetic Socks

Why are there special socks for diabetics?
Diabetic foot is a widespread complication of diabetes mellitus. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics may be affected. The complaints are due to damaged nerves and blood vessels, which can be caused by high blood sugar levels. As a result, injuries that are not noticed and treated in time will only heal or even worse. To prevent this in advance, it is advisable to take various measures. In addition to the most accurate possible adjustment of blood sugar levels, you should also take further preventive measures. These include:

  • The daily inspection and care of the feet.
  • The early treatment of wounds and bruises.
  • Wearing suitable footwear and diabetic socks.

Mark of diabetic socks
Socks for diabetics are designed to prevent the formation of wounds and to help prevent the healing process of existing injuries or prevent them from becoming worse or recurring. Special features of diabetic socks include:

  • Seamless processing: The toe of the socks is seam-free and ensures a pressure-free fit in the toe area – an effective preventive measure against pressure points on the toes.
  • Accurate fit: Avena socks are knitted in a foot shape for a perfect fit. The wrinkle-free fit prevents excess material from forming wrinkles that can sometimes cause pressure sores in conventional socks.
  • Comfort cuffs: The cuffs of the socks are particularly wide and worked without rubber. In this way, the pressure on the lower leg is reduced and ensures the circulation of the feet.
  • Breathable basic materials: Natural materials such as cotton are breathable and skin-friendly. They offer a high level of comfort and support a well-balanced foot climate.
  • Reinforcements of vulnerable foot areas: Padding on the heel, sole, and toe relieves the stress areas and thus prevents the formation of pressure points. They are especially recommended for sports activities.
  • Silver-containing special yarns: Socks for diabetics are made from silver-containing special yarn. For this reason, they are popularly referred to as “silver stockings”. The precious metal is responsible for some of the properties of socks, which are particularly important in diabetics.

Mode of action of silver containing diabetic socks
The incorporated silver gives the socks properties that are indispensable in the increased risk of infection of diabetics. You are:

  • antibacterial
  • infection retardant
  • antifungal
  • odor resistant
  • washable

As the skin gives off moisture, an exchange between the silver fibers and the skin is triggered when wearing the socks. This active exchange of silver is based on the antibacterial properties of socks. So protect the socks in existing wounds from bacterial infections and fungal infections. The antibacterial effect also influences odor-causing bacteria. In this way, diabetic socks prevent not only infections, but also the development of unpleasant odors.

Production of silver stockings
When producing the special yarn, combed cotton is mixed with silver fibers and then dyed. The cotton content is on the outside of the yarn and the silver content on the inside. This ensures direct contact with the skin surface. Visually, the silver fibers are barely perceptible. The socks for diabetics are not different from conventional models from the outside. The care is just as uncomplicated as with other socks. As a rule, you can clean them at up to 40 ° C in the gentle cycle.

Buy Avena diabetic socks
At Avena, you can buy knee socks and socks for diabetics. Both variants are available in different colors. So you can visually match the socks to your clothes. For acute complaints models in light colors such as beige are recommended. These have a decisive advantage: injuries to the soles of the feet, which can easily go unnoticed, are clearly visible due to the bright color. In addition to special socks for diabetics, the range also includes other socks and stockings. Comfortable stockings ensure a particularly high wearing comfort. Support stockings favor the blood backflow to the heart by a slight compression effect and so relieve the veins.

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