Above Ground Pools with Decks for Sale

Above Ground Pools with Decks for Sale. Choosing a pool deck can not be viewed from just one aspect. There are at least 9 aspects to be considered in determining which deck to suit our home pool. So that the pool deck can be optimal function and appearance. Given the function and view of the deck on the pool is very important, like a photo with frames / figures that not only sweeten the appearance but also functional.

Above Ground Pools with Decks for Sale

Above Ground Pools with Decks for Sale: Choosing a Swimming Pool Deck

So you can say less complete if discussing a swimming pool design without talking about the deck. Because this is where we usually chat with family enjoy relaxing atmosphere in the pool area. Mengningat its role is quite vital in a swimming pool then we must plan it carefully. And here are 9 aspects to consider in selecting your pool deck:

1. Selecting material
The material used for deck pond renam various types, such as wood, natural stone, tiles, concrete, aluminum, vinyl, plastic, composite etc. All types of materials you can choose according to your needs and wants. If you choose a concrete material for swimming deck, do not forget to give the lines of texture on it so as not slippery. But for those of you who want a deck that does not require more maintenance and practical installation, can choose the type of deck made of composite material and plastic. For those of you who want a clean pool deck can use tile material. While for wood and natural stone materials are two of the most widely used materials for modern deck design today.

2. Deck type
Deck there are various types according to the type of pool you have. Whether it is a swimming pool that is below ground or above ground level. For example for swimming pools above ground level, stairs are needed to access the deck. In addition, do the deck design on your pool, surround the entire edge of the pool or just on a certain side of the deck there. This is related to aspect number 3 below.

3. Budget cost
You could say this is the most important thing to consider in building your pool deck. How much of a budget should be prepared for the pool deck. Calculate in detail, ranging from form, area and material used. If the budget is limited then it can choose deck material that is relatively cheap and durable.

4. Use of swimming pool
A deck also depends on how you intend to use the swimming pool. If you want to add a lounge chair around the deck as a family relax area, it will require a larger deck size. But if you want a separate lounge area like a gazebo or a terrace that connects directly to the pool then it does not require a large deck.

5. Deck size
The best deck size is the one that is able to optimize the deck function. So adjust to the available space in your pool area. So that the size of the deck can be appropriate.

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6. Climate considerations around
The surrounding climate is very influential on the most suitable deck material to be applied. For example, if your pool is outside the room and you choose to use wood materials. So it will require extra care, this is because the climate in Indonesia is hot and rainy. Natural stone materials will be safer for use in climatic conditions in Indonesia. Another case if your pool is in the room, which would be safer to apply wood deck material.

7. Treatment
Your pool deck needs to be cleaned and maintained. Therefore it would be nice if you memperimbagkan aspects of care in choosing the deck material to be used. For composite and plastic deck materials need to be polished again once or twice a year so as not to fade the color. For wooden deck you should clean it regularly, considering the wood material is susceptible to mold. While the natural stone deck and tile also need to be cleaned of dirt and moss attached.

8. Security
Want a swimming pool with any seatraktif design, should still take into account the smoke smoke when used by all family members. Do not let the slippery floor so that endangers users. Especially if in the house there is a child then it takes extra security on the pool. So the children can not access the pool freely which can harm them.

9. Design
This is very important for you who are very concerned about the look and beauty of the house. No exception swimming pool, should be designed as possible. Where the deck design so one unit with the design of the pool, so should be made as possible. With a good deck design it will also affect your comfort when the activity there.

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